May 26, 2022
11:00 a.m. PDT | 2:00 p.m. EDT

Join the co-founders and CEOs of Patch and NCX for a live discussion

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Topics that will be discussed:

  • Why voluntary carbon markets are vital to the climate solution

  • How to plan for the future by understanding market trends like supply and demand

  • Why the role of technology is key to democratizing access to buyers and sellers

  • The progress being made to ensure quality and transparency in nature-based carbon credits, specifically forests

How can technology provide simplicity, scale, and trust in carbon markets?


The demand for carbon credits is expected to surge tenfold in the coming decade. As more businesses adopt net zero targets, voluntary carbon markets will be a crucial source of supply. However, these markets can be opaque due to their complex and fragmented nature.

Join our speakers to get clarity on voluntary carbon markets and simplify the process of meeting your organizational goals. We’ll also look at the critical role technology plays in ensuring trust in the quality of offsetting and how it is expanding access to both supply and for credit buyers.

Meet your expert hosts: 

Zack Parisa, co-founder and CEO of NCX
Brennan Spellacy, co-founder and CEO of Patch
Maria Travaille, carbon account manager at NCX

Zack Parisa
Co-Founder and CEO

Brennan Spellacy
Co-Founder and CEO

Maria Travaille
Carbon Account Manager

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