Transparency Drives Trust in Carbon Credit Quality

Announcing the NCX Next Generation Harvest Deferral Methodology

Forests are our best option for taking the urgent climate action the world needs, right now. Quality, transparency, and accountability must be at the heart of how we tap into nature's most scalable and accessible carbon capture technology.

The NCX next generation harvest deferral methodology incorporates the latest science and feedback from dozens of experts gleaned through detailed engagement and a robust public comment period.

A new approach to quantifying forest carbon: because the planet needs it.

On-Demand Webinar + Discussion

Raising the Bar: An Overview of the NCX Next Generation Harvest Deferral Methodology

View the overview and live discussion of the NCX next generation harvest deferral methodology. Dr. Nan Pond and Dr. Spencer Meyer introduced our new approach, described what’s changed, and explained how it sets a new standard for quality in forest carbon credits.

NCX GitHub repository showing main branch

Methodology Hosted on GitHub

Our new methodology is live on GitHub, an open development platform that provides a greater level of transparency and insight into how our carbon credits are made.

The GitHub platform includes reproducible code that executes crediting math as well as line by line tracking of changes to show how the approach evolves over time.

See the Methodology →

Technical Explainers

View the interactive experience to see how harvest deferral credits are generated.

Experience How Credits Are Made →

For more on the steps we’ve taken with key aspects of our methodology, including harvested wood products, leakage, and uncertainty, download our technical explainers.

Harvested Wood Products →

Leakage →

Uncertainty →

Discounting →

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Three foresters have a discussion while in a forest

Public Comments Response White Paper

Our next generation methodology incorporates feedback from dozens of scientists and carbon experts.

Read the white paper for an overview of our response to the public feedback we received on our original methodology. The full comments and individual responses are available on GitHub.

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