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NCX Helps Foresters Bring New Services and Expertise to Clients

Our team hosts one-hour webinars each month to tackle topics foresters ask to learn more about.

Webinars offer a 20 minute, detailed presentation, followed by a robust Q&A session ensuring foresters get their specific questions answered.

Consulting foresters play a vital role at NCX. Our forest carbon program is another tool in your toolbox to help you reach landowner objectives.


A Space to Join Forestry Professionals

Connect with foresters, land managers, technicians, and others across the industry. 

Learn forest carbon program details and new approaches for sharing this information with clients.


Connect with the NCX Team

Join your host, NCX Forester Engagement Manager Lucas Vold.

Learn from guest NCX experts, ask questions, and share your feedback about what's working well or what could be improved.


Get Your Questions Answered

40 minutes per webinar is dedicated to direct discussion between attendees and the NCX team.

Ask questions. Network with others in the professional forestry community. 


“I like that NCX has overcome what I think have been the problems with other carbon programs in the past; namely, multiple-year contract periods and third party verification costs.”

- Tom M., Landowner and Forester, LA/MS

Watch the Forester Webinar Series On Demand

Winter 2022 Cycle Close

What can you expect as the Winter 2022 Performance Period comes to a close?

Learn about the generation of Results Reports, payment issuance, and important considerations for you and your client.


NCX Next Generation Methodology

Dr. Nan Pond provides an overview and discussion of NCX’s next-generation methodology, introducing our new approach, describing what’s changed, and explaining how it sets a standard for quality forest carbon credits.

Learn how we have incorporated greater transparency with a design focused on continuous improvement through science that works for working forests.

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Evolution of the NCX Model

Dr. Joe Shannon works extensively with the NCX modeling system to validate and improve its predictive strength and utility in our carbon exchange. He will discuss how the NCX model continues to evolve over time through updated inputs and methodologies.

We will look at how model improvements have resulted in assessment results changes and what to expect going forward. 

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New Landowner Selling Process

See highlights of the updated selling process, built to help landowners sell their carbon with greater pricing transparency.

Learn how to create and submit an offer on the Natural Capital Exchange. Take a look at the current numbers behind the Fall 2022 cycle.

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How the Landowner Selling Process Is Changing

Learn about the new NCX process to help landowners sell their carbon, including a system that matches buyer bids with seller offers.

Preview greater pricing transparency tools, and changes to the Eligibility Report delivery, how to support clients with structuring their offer, and what acceptance entails.

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Compare and Contrast: NCX and Other Voluntary Forest Carbon Programs

Meet new NCX Forester Engagement Manager Lucas Vold who joined NCX to provide even more support to foresters and grow the tool set available to help you advise your clients. 

Lucas compares and contrasts the merits and program design of the Natural Capital Exchange and other forest carbon programs. 


How NCX Calculates Business as Usual (BAU)

What would happen on a landowner's property if they did not participate in the Natural Capital Exchange?

Learn how NCX uses a forest's age, past landowner behavior, local prices, property size, ownership type, vicinity to mills, and transportation networks to determine the woodland acreage most at risk of being harvested.

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Permitted Management Practices and Bidding Process Overview

Learn more about what forest management practices are permitted in the Natural Capital Exchange, how to account for expected harvest activity during the performance period, and bid guidance for the upcoming cycle.

Discover how the NCX program can be worked into an existing management plan.

Your Opinions Shape This Series

The Forester Webinar Series is designed from the input foresters provide. We've kept this brief. What topics will help you confidently consult with your clients about the Natural Capital Exchange?

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In Search of Optimal Forest Health

The Ross family are stewards of 7,500 acres in Tennessee, dating back to 1881. They care deeply about balancing forest health, revenue, and activity space. Collaborating with their consulting forester, Jon Lindsay, the family adapted their existing management plan to enroll in the NCX Summer 2021 cycle. 


Additionality in NCX Carbon Accounting

A key feature of calculating the impact of a forest carbon project is a concept called “additionality.” For forest carbon projects to affect real change on the landscape, we need to know what would have happened if the project didn’t take place. Additionality is at the core of NCX methodology. How does it work?


An Overview of the Natural Capital Exchange

Landowners and foresters have a crucial role in the success of the Natural Capital Exchange. Learn the key characteristics that set the NCX forest carbon program apart from other options available today, how landowners can enroll, how foresters can participate, and other frequently asked questions.

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